Create OmniFocus actions, groups and projects more quickly by defining TextExpander snippets for frequently typed words and phrases.

TextExpander allows you to define short strings of text known as “snippets” that expand into longer strings of text. A snippet can even expand to paragraphs of text, complete with formatting and images. By creating snippets for content you enter frequently, you can dramatically increase both the speed and accuracy of your keyboard entries. TextExpander is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad and your snippets can be synced between all of your devices using most cloud services, including iCloud and Dropbox.

OmniFocus Snippet Library

Consider creating snippets for text you frequently type in OmniFocus. To help you get started, download our OmniFocus Snippet Library, which is available in both English, French (français) and German (Deutsch).

If you’re using TextExpander on the iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to tap the “Update Snippets” button in OmniFocus Settings each time you make changes or additions to your snippet library. Alternatively, you can make use of the TextExpander keyboard that comes bundles with TextExpander for iOS. Snippets can be used with OmniFocus on the Mac without any additional configuration.

Thanks to Learn OmniFocus Members Martin Jean and Clemens Schleicher for translating the snippets into French and German.

Other Resources

Check out the TextExpander Crossover: Type less, get your GTD on with OmniFocus article on the TextExpander website. It explains how you can make good use of TextExpander when using OmniFocus on your iPhone and iPad.