Fantastical 2

An alternative to Apple's Calendar app for Mac and iOS that provides enhanced functionality, a natural language interface and OmniFocus integration (Mac).

Fantastical 2 is essentially a Pro version of the Calendar apps that come preinstalled on Macs and iOS devices. It features a beautiful crafted user interface and a sophisticated natural language that allows you to create appointments by typing or dictating phrases such as “lunch with John every Wednesday”.

The Mac version of Fantastical 2 is well integrated with OmniFocus. Specifically you can drag an OmniFocus project, group or action into Fantastical and an appointment will be created with a link back to item you dragged. When creating the appointment, Fantastical 2 will check to see if the OmniFocus item has an estimated time associated with it and, if it does, the length of the appointment will automatically match the estimated time. This can be very convenient when blocking off time for specific projects and actions.

Tip: Even though the OmniFocus drag and drop functionality is currently only available on the Mac, links to OmniFocus projects, groups and actions that are contained within appointments will also work on iOS devices.