2022-11-17 – OmniFocus + Obsidian Workflows with Leah Ferguson

Graphic Designer Leah Ferguson joined us from the Toronto, Canada area to share how she uses OmniFocus and Obsidian to manage her multifaceted life.

Leah FergusonLeah Ferguson is an environmental graphic designer specializing in wayfinding design and strategy. She’s passionate about shaping experiences in the built environment through design, research and planning. She thrives on design systems and enjoys translating complexities into something that’s simple for end users.

During this session, Leah took us on a tour of her OmniFocus setup and workflows. She shared why she chose OmniFocus and highlighted various ways that she uses OmniFocus to manage all aspects of her life.

Leah is also an avid user of Obsidian, a popular personal knowledge base app that’s built on a folder of text-based Markdown files. She shared how and why she uses Obsidian as her PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) app. Leah also showcased ways that she uses Obsidian alongside OmniFocus.

Please Note: This session showcases a pre-release (TestFlight) version of OmniFocus 4 for Mac. The feature set and user interface are subject to change and may differ from the final release of OmniFocus 4.0 for Mac.


Detailed Event NotesLeah’s event notes contain details on the information she shared during this session, including links to some of the Shortcuts that she showcased. Appropriately enough, these notes live within Leah’s Obsidian vault and are published using Obsidian Publish.

Leah’s Website + Blog — Check out Leah’s website to learn more about her various pursuits. She posts regularly on her blog, and you can drop her a line via the contact form.

Leah on Twitter — You can follow and contact Leah on Twitter @leahthedesigner.

Leah on the Omni Show – Listen to Leah’s interview on the Omni Show.

Linking Your Thinking – Leah spoke at the Linking Your Thinking Conference in 2022. She spoke about how to Start and End Your Day With a Daily Note.

Johnny.Decimal – A system for organizing and naming folders in your productivity system. Visit the Johnny.Decimal website for more information. The creator, Johnny Noble, has also been a guest on the Omni Group‘s podcast, The Omni Show (Episode 114: How Johnny “Decimal” Noble Uses Omni Software).

About Leah Ferguson

By day, Leah works as a Senior Experiential Designer at HOK. She’s also in the process of completing her Master of Design at OCAD University in Toronto, with a focus on Design for Health.

She has a personal and professional interest in accessibility and inclusivity in the built environment and how we navigate information.

In addition to school and work, she volunteers as a Chapter Chair with the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD). She also serves as a moderator on the Obsidian Community Discord and Obsidian Community Talks.

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