Quickly and conveniently and capture text and then send it to OmniFocus and other destinations through the use of flexible, customizable actions.

Drafts is a note-taking app that supports highly customizable actions. It offers a convenient way to capture text, whether it’s an idea that pops into your head or a book recommendation that comes up in conversation. The focus is on recording the information, without concern for where this information will ultimately reside.

Captured text is stored in the Drafts Inbox and can be processed by applying actions. For example, once configured you could create an OmniFocus task with the first line of the task becoming the title and the remaining text being added to the notes field. Alternatively, multiple OmniFocus actions could be created from a single note if you use an action that instructs drafts to treat each line as a separate task.

Other Resources

  • Drafts Action Directory – This growing directory contains a collection of OmniFocus Actions created both by Agile Tortoise and Drafts users.
  • OmniFocus Integration Guide – Agile Tortoise, the creators of Drafts, provide a comprehensive guide with detailed information on the various ways that Drafts can be integrated with OmniFocus.
  • ScreenCastsOnline Tutorials – ScreenCastsOnline contains hundreds of tutorials for Mac, iOS and web apps, including detailed tutorials to help you get the most out of Drafts.