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OmniFocus for Mac (Pro) can be automated through the use of AppleScript. FastScripts makes accessing these scripts quick and convenient.

App Description

AppleScript Support in OmniFocus for Mac

OmniFocus for Mac (Pro) includes extensive support for AppleScript, a native macOS technology. This support makes automation and integration with other macOS apps possible and can be used to add speed and convenience to OmniFocus workflows.

Once installed, AppleScripts can be launched by adding them to the OmniFocus toolbar by choosing Customize Toolbar from the View menu. But, this means reaching for your mouse or trackpad every time you want to trigger an AppleScript, and the toolbar can quickly become cluttered.

Adding Convenience Using FastScripts

An alternative is to use FastScripts. With a little configuration, you can make all of your installed OmniFocus AppleScripts available through FastScript’s menu bar app. Additionally, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to the AppleScripts that you use most frequently.

A free version of FastScripts is available from Red Sweater’s website. It contains all of the functionality of the paid product, but you’re limited to ten keyboard shortcuts. To remove this limitation, purchase the full version either from Red Sweater directly or through the Mac App Store.

OmniFocus AppleScript Directory

Tip: Check out the OmniFocus AppleScript Directory for easy access to some of the best AppleScripts written for OmniFocus.

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