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Daylite by Marketcircle is a feature-rich CRM and business management app designed for individuals and organizations who have standardized on Apple technologies.

App Description

Daylite is a business productivity manager and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) app for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Both individuals and teams can use Daylite to track and manage interactions with contacts, including potential and existing clients, colleagues in a professional network, and service providers.

While OmniFocus and Daylite have some overlap, they also have numerous features that complement each other. For example, Daylite is adept at housing and relating information on the people and companies you deal with. And OmniFocus is well suited to articulating and tracking personal tasks, including those that are related to the information stored in a Daylite database.

Linking OmniFocus and Daylite

OmniFocus and Daylite both support an external linking mechanism. You can easily copy a link to an OmniFocus project, action group, action or tag and store this link in the appropriate place within Daylite. Similarly, you can create a link to specific information in Daylite (e.g. a person or opportunity) and use this link to reference this data from OmniFocus.

To demonstrate this concept, the following video shows how a company stored in Daylite can be linked to a single action list in OmniFocus.

Convenient Linking Using Hookmark

Hookmark for macOS makes it quick and convenient to create a two-way link between your OmniFocus projects and actions and almost anything else, including information stored in Daylite. The following example demonstrates how Hook can be used to link a single action list in OmniFocus to a company record in Daylite.

Creating OmniFocus Actions Using Zapier

Zapier is a web-based service that can be used to connect apps and services. For example, Zapier can be configured to automatically create an action in OmniFocus if an “OmniFocus” keyword is applied to a task in Daylite. If necessary, this new action can be converted into an OmniFocus project that’s managed within OmniFocus alongside other personal and work-related actions and projects.

Learning More

We go into greater depth on these and other topics in the Using OmniFocus with Daylite course. If you and your company are NEW to Daylite, watch the Discount for NEW Daylite Users lesson (FREE) to learn how to get a 20% discount on your first year of Daylite.

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Other Resources

  • Marketcircle — Marketcircle, the company that develops Daylite, has an extensive library of tutorials to help you "learn how to capture leads, manage follow-ups, close deals, and execute on your plans." All of their tutorials are provided free of charge.
  • iOSXpert Daylite Extensions — Daylite's capabilities can be expanded through the use of plugins. iOSXpert has an extensive library of Daylite Extensions that you can license individually or as a bundle.
  • Daylite Academy – iOSXpert also provides the Daylite Academy, a collection of courses to support you in becoming a Daylite professional.