2020-01-15 – Practical Focus with OmniFocus 3

2020-01-15 - Practical Focus with OmniFocus 3

Learn how to use OmniFocus and third-party apps to bring a relaxed, productive flow to your life and work, even when there's a lot competing for your attention.

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This session emphasizes the value of developing skills around focused work and provides practical guidance for using OmniFocus to take you down a focused path that acknowledges the many facets that make up your life and work.

We look at strategies for choosing what to focus on, how to create an environment that's conducive to focus, and ways to stay on task during focused sessions with some help from OmniFocus and complementary apps and services for Mac, iOS/iPadOS, and Apple Watch.

Practical Focus with OmniFocus 3

What You'll Learn

Watch the session and learn:

  • How focus positively impacts productivity.
  • About the cost of context switching and practical ways to stay on task.
  • Strategies for choosing what to focus on, even when you have a lot on your plate.
  • How to use a "Progress" tag in concert with custom perspectives (Pro Edition) to make consistent progress on both short and long-term projects.
  • How to be intentional about setting aside time for focused work by using OmniFocus in combination with Apple's Calendar app and Fantastical to perform time blocking.
  • How to use Focus by Masterbuilders (available for Mac, iOS/iPadOS, and Apple Watch) to help ensure that OmniFocus projects and actions get the appropriate amount of attention and to encourage regular breaks.
  • How to use OmniFocus' Estimated Time feature in combination with Fantastical and Focus by Masterbuilders.
  • How to use Focus by Brad Jasper app (available for Mac) to block distracting apps and websites during focused work sessions.
  • How services like Brain.fm can help you enter a focused state. p.s. You can get a 20% discount on Brain.fm by using our affiliate link or by entering the coupon code omnifocus at checkout.
  • How regular breaks can enhance your overall productivity.
  • How to monitor your progress using RescueTime for Mac, Timing for Mac, and Screen Time for Mac and iOS/iPadOS.
  • How to use the Streaks habit tracking app (available for iOS/iPadOS) to build habits around focus. You'll learn how to configure Streaks for multiple daily focus sessions and how to use the built-in timer for your focus sessions.
  • How to use Shortcuts to quickly and conveniently prepare for a focus session.
  • And more…

Recommended Prerequisites

Especially if you’re new to OmniFocus, it’s recommended that you watch the recording of the Start Smart with OmniFocus 3 session before watching this session. You might also want to watch the recording of the OmniFocus 3: Beyond the Basics session to better acquainted with OmniFocus' more advanced features.

OmniFocus will be most conducive to focused work when your system is up-to-date and relevant. Getting Back on Track with OmniFocus 3 provides practical guidance for attaining and maintaining an OmniFocus system that serves you across all areas of your life and work.