2019-10-30 – Taming Email with OmniFocus 3

2019-10-30 - Taming Email with OmniFocus 3

Master your email workflows with some help from OmniFocus and complementary third-party apps and services.

When asked to share their biggest productivity challenges, people often include email management at the top of the list. Email has the potential to be a convenient and productive communication medium, but more often becomes a source of stress that leads to wasted hours.

In this session, we’ll look at some practical workflows to help you tame your email that make productive use of OmniFocus and complementary third-party apps and services. We’ll also look at instances where email isn’t the most effective communication tool and will offer suggestions for ways to limit the amount of email that arrives in your inbox.

Taming Your Email with OmniFocus 3

Session Overview

Watch the session and learn techniques and best practices for:

  • Limiting the number of emails that land in your inbox.
  • Processing your email inbox, including strategies and best practices for managing emails using OmniFocus.
  • Creating OmniFocus actions based on emails, using native and third-party apps for Mac and iOS/iPadOS. Featured third-party email apps include MailMate, Mailplane, Airmail, Spark, and Postbox.
  • Improving your email accuracy and efficiency using TextExpander.
  • Filtering your inbox and monitoring responses using the web-based SaneBox service.
  • Automating the creation of OmniFocus actions based on emails using automation services such as Zapier and IFTTT (“if this then that”).
  • Reducing the load on your email and improving communication within teams and organizations large and small using collaborative solutions such as Slack and Asana.
  • And more…

Recommended Prerequisites

It's recommended that you have at least a basic understanding of OmniFocus. Watch Start Smart with OmniFocus 3 to learn the basics and to fill in any gaps in your knowledge of the essentials.