What’s New in OmniFocus 4.0 for iPhone & iPad

OmniFocus 4  for iPhone and iPad is a major update that introduces a brand-new user interface and new and enhanced features.

OmniFocus 4.0 is highly customizable and brings features to the iPhone and iPad that were previously only available on the Mac. You can make OmniFocus as simple or complex as you like. And use new and enhanced features to add convenience and efficiency to your workflows.

Take a Tour of OmniFocus 4.0 for iPhone & iPad

This video takes you on a tour of the major new features and user interface enhancements that were introduced in OmniFocus 4.0 for iPhone and iPad. Please note that some features require OmniFocus Pro.

Featured topics include:

  • A tour of the new iPhone and iPad user interface
  • Customizing the Outline and inline editing
  • Customizing the Inspector
  • Using Quick Open on the iPhone and iPad
  • Searching the current Outline and all of OmniFocus
  • Customizing the Perspectives Bar
  • Enhancements to the Forecast Perspective
  • Enhancement to Custom Perspectives
  • Using the Focus feature on the iPhone and iPad
  • Creating Widgets that surface information from OmniFocus
  • Enhancements to the OmniFocus Share Sheet

Release Notes

Visit the Release Notes page on the Omni Group’s website for more information on this and other releases.

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