What’s New in OmniFocus 3.4 for iOS & iPadOS

OmniFocus 3.4 introduces powerful new features that leverage new functionality in iOS/iPadOS 13.

OmniFocus 3.4 is a significant update that taps into new functionality that Apple introduced in iOS/iPadOS 13. Most notably, it’s now possible to automate OmniFocus in many new ways, thanks to enhancements to Shortcuts.

On the iPad, you can now have multiple views into your OmniFocus database, allowing you to, for example, see the contents of your inbox in one window while navigating and updating your projects in another.

What’s New and Improved

Watch this video and learn about:

  • Dark Mode –OmniFocus now interacts with the Dark Mode setting in iOS/iPadOS 13.
  • Contextual Menus – OmniFocus takes advantage of the new Contextual Menus in iOS/iPadOS 13, making it quick and convenient to change commonly-used settings for folders, projects, actions, and tags.
  • Inspector Enhancements — It’s now possible to change the completed and dropped dates for projects, actions, and action groups on iPhone and iPad.
  • New Shortcuts Actions — OmniFocus 3.4 for iOS/iPadOS introduces new parameter-based actions that make it easier than ever to include OmniFocus in your Shortcuts automations.
  • Multiple Windows — OmniFocus 3.4 takes advantage of the window support that Apple introduced in iPadOS 13, allowing you to have multiple windows into your OmniFocus database.

Shortcuts Field Guide, iOS 13 Edition

The enhancements that come with this release allow you to create Shortcuts that interact with OmniFocus in many new ways. These automations can extract information from the OmniFocus database and can quickly and conveniently take you to your most relevant OmniFocus projects and actions.

It’s worth taking the time to get to know Shortcuts so that you can take advantage of automation in all areas of your life. David Sparks, who’s been a guest on Learn OmniFocus, has an excellent Shortcuts Field Guide that offers an in-depth look at both basic and advanced topics. The iOS 13 Edition of the guide, released on September 18, 2019, covers the significant changes introduced in iOS and iPadOS 13.

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