Creating a Free Omni Sync Server Account

The Omni Sync Server is a free service from the Omni Group that allows you to access and update your OmniFocus database across all of your Mac and iOS devices.

OmniFocus 3

The process for creating a free Omni Sync account has changed since this video was recorded. Most notably, when you click the Sign Up button you’ll be asked to choose a name for your new account and to provide an email address and password.

If you previously created an Omni Sync account, you can continue to make use of it in OmniFocus 3.

You can make changes to an existing account using the account management page. You can change your email and password, download stored data, and add or delete a Mail Drop address.

Emails sent to your Mail Drop address will end up in the OmniFocus inbox. The subject of the email is used for the title of the action and the contents of the email are added to the notes field.

In this video we’ll walk through the process of creating an Omni Sync Server account. You’ll learn:

  • How to create an Omni Sync Server account.
  • How to manage your Omni Sync Server account, including changing your email address and password.
  • How to download a copy of the data that is stored on the Omni Sync Server.

Your Omni Sync Server account can also be used in combination with OmniPresence to sync data between the Omni Group’s other apps, including OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle.

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