2024-04-18 – Waves of Focus with Kourosh Dini

Kourosh Dini joined us from Chicago to share the basics of his Waves of Focus approach and how it can be applied using OmniFocus 4.

Waves of Focus with OmniFocus, Featuring Kourosh Dini

Kourosh Dini literally wrote the book on OmniFocus. His critically acclaimed book, Creating Flow with OmniFocus, was originally published in 2009 and offers a wealth of practical advice to support people in using OmniFocus effectively.

He also created the Waves of Focus approach for people who struggle with focus. In Kourosh’s own words:

“Waves of Focus: Guiding the Wandering Mind is an online course and community that helps those who struggle with their focus regardless of system. Sometimes, it’s just not about a system. It’s about how to manage the natural rhythms within. Some engage deeply and lose sight of the world around them. Some fall into scatter. Others struggle with lists, overflowing inboxes, and a cascade of unfinished projects falling off of every horizontal surface nearby.”

During this session, Kourosh shared the fundamentals of Waves of Focus and demonstrated how to put one of its principles – the Anchor Technique – into practice using OmniFocus.

About Kourosh Dini

Kourosh Dini, MD, is a psychiatrist, productivity expert, author, and musician.

He works as a psychoanalyst in a private practice in downtown Chicago. His award-winning productivity books include Creating Flow With OmniFocus, Being Productive, Workflow Mastery and Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink.

Kourosh is featured on the Omni Group’s Inside OmniFocus site and was one of the speakers at the OmniFocus Setup event in 2013. He has also been a guest on the popular Mac Power Users and Focused podcasts.

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