2018-02-27 – OmniFocus Workflows with Colter Reed

Software developer, blogger, and veteran OmniFocus user, Colter Reed takes us on a tour of his OmniFocus setup, that features temporal contexts.

Colter first foray into productivity was through the Franklin Planner system. He talked about his transition from paper to digital and how he continues to apply proven productivity principles from his paper-based days.

Colter’s OmniFocus setup is built around temporal contexts that allow him to stay focused on today, while also having a convenient place to park future activities. Overall, his OmniFocus setup and workflows allow him to manage granular detail, while also keeping an eye on longer-term goals, responsibilities and core values.

Colter emphasizes the tangible values of automating frequent actions and projects and demonstrates how he conveniently integrates OmniFocus and Evernote, with some help from an AppleScript that he wrote.

Need some help reaching your goals with OmniFocus and Evernote? Visit the Learn OmniFocus LIVE page on Colter’s Website to claim your FREE copy of the The Digital Goal Domination Guide.

About Colter Reed

By day, Colter Reed transforms brilliant ideas into beautiful software. He brings out the best in people by providing them with technology that allows them to do things that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

He’s also a prolific writer. Colter’s blog covers the gamut from the basic principles of productivity and personal growth to technology-focused posts that feature some of his favourite Mac and iOS apps, including OmniFocus and Evernote. In addition to helping you put out the fires that crop up daily, he’ll help you take a step back and see why so many fires are cropping up in the first place.

Colter lives in the heart of Silicon Valley with his wife and children. He enjoys golf, sings baritone, and watches mostly British TV shows.

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