2015-05-27 – OmniFocus Bliss: Sven Fechner

Learn how to manage an active life and look good in meetings from OmniFocus expert and Simplicity Bliss founder, Sven Fechner.

Sven Fechner

Sven Fechner has a full life that includes managing a team of 25 people at a Fortune 100 company, traveling the world and spending time with his wife and two children. He has been using OmniFocus since the beginning and sharing OmniFocus tips and workflows for years on his internationally acclaimed Simplicity Bliss blog.

Session Overview

In this session, Sven takes us on a journey through his daily workflows, with a particular focus on the perspectives he uses regularly. He talks about using OmniFocus in the corporate world. He provides some practical tips for focusing on specific areas of life without having to create a long list of custom perspectives. Sven also shares some sage advice for using OmniFocus in meetings and for supporting other people in being accountable.

About Sven Fechner

Sven Fechner works as a Senior Manager for Cisco System and travels extensively across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia. He lives in Stuttgart, Germany – home of Mercedes, Porsche and Bosch – with his wife and two kids.

Sven’s Simplicity Bliss blog, has a strong focus on making efficient use of one of his favourite productivity apps, OmniFocus. His large and growing library of OmniFocus blog posts contains a wealth of practical information, including details on the perspectives, contexts and scripts he uses as part of his productivity workflows.

Sven is featured on the Omni Group’s Inside OmniFocus site and was one of the speakers at the OmniFocus Setup event in 2013. He has also been featured on the popular Sweet Setup blog and shared his journaling practices on the Day One blog.

Additional Resources

  • Simplicity Bliss Blog – Be sure to subscribe to Sven’s Simplicity Bliss blog, which contains a wealth of information on productivity workflows and technology, with a particular focus on OmniFocus.
  • OmniFocus 2 Perspective Icons – The OmniFocus perspective icons that Sven mentioned are available on GitHub free of charge. Thanks to web designer Josh Hughes for sharing these his talents with the OmniFocus community.
  • Slides from Presentation – Sven has made the slides from his presentation available for download.

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