OmniFocus 4 Updates Following WWDC


The latest on OmniFocus 4 following Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

The Omni Group continues to make excellent progress on the upcoming OmniFocus 4 release for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I shared a detailed progress update last month, including some short videos that show OmniFocus 4 in action. Some additional details have since come to light. Read on to learn more.

Omni Road Map 2022 Update

Omni CEO, Ken Case recently posted the Omni Roadmap 2022 — Post-WWDC Update, drawing on news and insights from Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference. While work continues on Omni’s other apps, Ken emphasized that Omni’s “…primary focus continues to be OmniFocus 4.”

Since making OmniFocus 4 available on TestFlight, Ken shared that they’ve released 133 test builds containing more than a thousand changes, fixes, and enhancements. I’ve been using OmniFocus 4 on my personal iPhone and iPad for well over a year and have witnessed considerable improvements to both the stability and the user experience.

OmniFocus 4 - Post WWDC Update

Coming Soon: OmniFocus 4 for Mac

Since reaching a significant Feature Freeze milestone earlier this year, the team has been split to bring iPhone and iPad developments to OmniFocus 4 for Mac. While the Mac version isn’t quite ready to share, Ken commented that OmniFocus 4 for Mac is far enough along that he’s able to use it for most of his daily work. We look forward to sharing a preview of OmniFocus 4 for Mac in the not-too-distant future.

Ken Case’s Interview on TechRadar

Ken Case was recently interviewed by TechRadar. Among other things, he confirmed that Omni plans to make OmniFocus widgets available on the redesigned Lock Screen that will be introduced in iOS 16. This will help keep the most important OmniFocus actions, including those with upcoming due dates, front and centre.

In the TechRadar interview, Ken also shared that he’s “confident all of our apps will be ready for Ventura the day it ships.” He added that OmniFocus 3 and Omni’s other apps need to be ready to run on Ventura regardless of whether OmniFocus 4 has been officially released when macOS Ventura drops.

Thanks to the Omni Team

As a former software engineer, development manager, and project manager, I can appreciate the hard work that’s in store for Omni during the summer months. In addition to continuing to make progress on OmniFocus 4 on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, they’re tasked with getting up to speed on the innovations that Apple introduced at WWDC while also getting OmniFocus, OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, and OmniGraffle ready for the iOS/iPad 16 and macOS Ventura updates that are coming in the fall.

Many thanks to the wonderful team at Omni for all the time, energy, and passion that they continue to bring to their productivity apps. I regularly witness firsthand the many ways that OmniFocus and Omni’s other products are being put to productive use by people all over the world.

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