OmniFocus 4 is Now Available! What’s New?


The Omni Group launched 🚀 OmniFocus 4, a major update to OmniFocus that’s been years in the making. Join us for a tour of this new release.

It’s official. OmniFocus 4 is here! 🎉

OmniFocus 4 brings a high level of customization to the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Features previously only available on the Mac, including Quick Open and Focus, are supported on the iPhone and iPad for the first time. Omni went to great lengths to provide a consistent experience across all devices while respecting each platform’s unique characteristics.

I put together two videos to take you on a tour of this landmark release.

  1. What’s New in OmniFocus 4.0 for iPhone & iPad showcases the significant updates that OmniFocus 4 brings to the iPhone and iPad.
  2. What’s New in OmniFocus 4.0 for Mac highlights new features and customizations.
What's New in OmniFocus 4.0 for iPhone & iPad
What's New in OmniFocus 4.0 for Mac

Both videos include a sprinkling of recommended practices to help guide your use of OmniFocus. We delve into these practices more deeply in our extensive content library.

Coming Soon to Learn OmniFocus

I’m creating new and updated content for Learn OmniFocus, including two new in-depth courses that will be available shortly: Start Smart with OmniFocus 4 and OmniFocus 4: Beyond the Basics. A portion of each course will be free, and you can join OmniFocus to gain access to all of our content and services.

I’m also preparing to announce some new LIVE Sessions, including Practical Focus with OmniFocus 4. The small-group (maximum ten people) Office Hours sessions are also a great way to get guidance on OmniFocus 4 while meeting other OmniFocus users from our amazing international community.

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SwiftUI: A Foundation for the Future

One of the most significant changes in OmniFocus 4 is its underlying technology. A major effort went into rewriting OmniFocus using SwiftUI, a technology Apple created to facilitate development across all Apple devices.

SwiftUI is one of the reasons that it’s been practical to achieve near feature parity across the Mac, iPhone and iPad. It also helped Omni develop a significantly enhanced app for the Apple Watch.

Omni’s adoption of SwiftUI will pave the way for more features and innovations. It allows Omni to adopt emerging technologies like the Apple Vision Pro and its accompanying visionOS operating system. I can only imagine what it would be like to use OmniFocus in a virtual environment!

Many Thanks

It’s an exciting time to be an OmniFocus user. I’m honoured to be helping so many people live fulfilling and productive lives with some help from OmniFocus and complementary productivity apps. Thanks to everyone who has joined me on this journey!

In closing, deep gratitude 🙏 to the outstanding team at Omni for all the time and energy they put into this major release. Their efforts benefit many people around the world, myself included.

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