Our NEW Website and the Next Chapter of Learn OmniFocus


Earlier today our completely redesigned website officially launched after months of development. This is a significant milestone in Learn OmniFocus’ evolution that paves the way for an expansive future.

The original Learn OmniFocus website launched in June 2014. Since that time we’ve expanded our content and service offerings significantly and have received some excellent, constructive feedback from our members. WordPress, the platform that powers Learn OmniFocus, has also grown in leaps and bounds over the years and this new website takes advantage of this growth.

What’s New and Enhanced

No stone was left unturned as we re-envisioned the Learn OmniFocus website. Here are just some of the new features and enhancements that have been introduced with our new website. Overall, we’ve simplified the layout of the site while also adding new ways to find and interact with content. There have also been a lot of changes under the hood that will make it much easier to add and reference new content moving forward.

Home Page

The home page has been completely redesigned to help direct you to the most relevant content and to keep you in the loop on new additions to our library and upcoming Learn OmniFocus LIVE calendar.

Centralized Content Library

Our growing library of articles, videos, and session recordings is now available in one place. The main filter bar allows you to filter the content by Content Type and User Level and to perform a search. And the “More Filters” button gives you access to other filtering options, including the platform, length, OmniFocus version, and category.

In-depth Courses

Some of our longer-form content has been converted to a course format (e.g. Start Smart with OmniFocus 3 and Mastering Reviews with OmniFocus 3). This content is presented in segmented lessons and topics and you can use the “Mark Complete” feature to keep track of what you’ve watched. Additionally, this new design makes it easy for you to go back and review a specific section of the course.

Learn OmniFocus Members currently have access to eleven in-depth courses (with more to come) that cover a wide variety of OmniFocus-related topics. Some focus on basic features and fundamentals principles and others delve into more advanced topics. For those of you who aren’t members, we’re planning to provide a sampling of lessons free of charge so that you can get a taste of the content you’d have access to if you choose to join.


Our popular resource pages and directories have also been given a facelift and a more prominent spot in the top-level menu. Most notably, the OmniFocus App Directory has been given a major overhaul. New apps have been added to the directory (with more coming soon) and related Learn OmniFocus content is included on each page of the App Directory.

Knowledge Base

A brand new Knowledge Base has been added to Learn OmniFocus. For now, it’s primarily being used to share frequently asked questions. We’re planning to expand this database significantly in the coming months to include information related to OmniFocus, complementary apps, setups and workflows.

My Account

The My Account section has been completely redesigned, making it easier than ever to view and make changes to your account profile and membership.

Many Thanks 🙏

Many thanks to our talented web designer and developer, Alexanndre Levan for all of the time, energy, and enthusiasm that he brought to this project. Thanks as well to the beta testers who generously shared feedback while the site was in development.

We’re also very grateful to everyone who has supported our growth and development over the past six years. What started as a bit of an experiment back in 2014 has grown into a thriving community, with people joining from over eighty countries over the years.

Much More to Come

We’re already making plans for additional enhancements and features to the website to give you the best possible experience with Learn OmniFocus.

We’re also hard at work developing new content and LIVE sessions to support you in living a fulfilling and productive life, with some help from OmniFocus and complementary third-party apps. As always, let us know if you have any requests for new content or services.

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