Learn OmniFocus LIVE

Starting in September 2014, Learn OmniFocus Members will have access to live, interactive webinars on a variety of topics.

Our live online events, available exclusively to Learn OmniFocus Members, will explore a variety of topics in an engaging and interactive way. Here’s a sampling of the topics we’re planning to cover:

  • Start Smart with OmniFocus — For OmniFocus users who just getting started as well as those that are ready for a “do-over”, having fallen off the band-wagon a few too many times. We’ll share some best practices to support you in effectively configuring and using OmniFocus.
  • OmniFocus Email Workflows — When used appropriately, OmniFocus can have a profoundly positive impact on your email workflows. We’ll share a variety of ways to introduce OmniFocus into your email workflows on both Mac and iOS.
  • Automating OmniFocus — For OmniFocus users who have mastered the basics and want to take OmniFocus to the next level. We’ll talk about automating OmniFocus using some of our favourite AppleScripts and will introduce workflows that involve other apps, including Keyboard Maestro and TextExpander.

Holistic Productivity™ Online Course

We also offer the Holistic Productivity™ Online Course through our parent company, Technically Simple.

Join Learn OmniFocus Founder, Tim Stringer and nine other Mac/iOS enthusiasts on a transformative four month journey. Your course registration includes detailed course manuals and workbooks and complimentary access to members-only content on Learn OmniFocus.