Learn OmniFocus Turns Eight


Eight years ago today, Learn OmniFocus opened its virtual doors.

At that time, OmniFocus 2 for Mac was only about a week old and OmniFocus (and task managers in general) were becoming commonplace on the iPhone and iPad. Since launching, we’ve welcomed members from 88 countries, united by a shared interest in OmniFocus, and productivity in general.

Celebrating the Past Eight Years

Over the past eight years, I’ve added many articles and videos to our Content Library. Most notably, our Course Library now includes 22 in-depth courses that centre around OmniFocus. Some teach productivity skills (e.g., Bringing Ideas to Life with OmniFocus) and others take a deep dive into using OmniFocus alongside other productivity apps (e.g., Using OmniFocus with Drafts).

I don’t believe that there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to personal productivity. We’ve had many Workflow Guests grace our virtual stage over the years, generously sharing the creative ways that they’re putting OmniFocus and complementary productivity apps to good use.

Connecting Face-to-Face

Providing opportunities for human interaction has always been an important aspect of Learn OmniFocus. Our Learn OmniFocus LIVE sessions are attended by people around the world who bring thought-provoking questions and useful insights.

The small-group (maximum ten people) Office Hours sessions have given members the opportunity to interact with other OmniFocus and productivity enthusiasts and take their productivity to new heights. I continue to enjoy meeting and getting to know members through these engaging, uplifting sessions.

More recently, I introduced Virtual Coworking to Learn OmniFocus. These 90-minute sessions support members in engaging in focused, productive work in a supportive, online environment. Members are often amazed by how much they accomplish in a relatively short period of time.

Coming Soon

There’s plenty more in the pipeline, including more app and theme-based sessions and courses, such as Navigating the Unexpected with OmniFocus on June 15, 2022. I’m also looking forward to welcoming more workflow guests. Next up is OmniFocus Workflows with William Gallagher on July 13, 2022. 

I’m also continuing to offer regular Office Hours and Virtual Coworking sessions, varying the days and times to accommodate many people as possible.

An Update on OmniFocus 4

I was one of the first people outside The Omni Group to test OmniFocus 4 for iPhone and iPad. This major project has come a long way since I shared a first look last year. 

I’m actively experimenting with and providing feedback on new OmniFocus 4 features and user interface elements. I plan to have some new OmniFocus 4 content ready to go soon after the release of OmniFocus 4. Furthermore, I’ll be revisiting past content, updating some of it for OmniFocus 4 and highlighting innovative updates and workflows that feature complementary productivity apps.

If you’re currently using OmniFocus 3, I’m committed to helping you make a smooth transition to this exciting new update when the time comes. And for those of you who are new, I’ll be providing training and guidance to help you develop your OmniFocus setup and workflows.

To Infinity…and Beyond

If the number 8 is flipped on its side, it becomes an infinity symbol (∞).

When I started Learn OmniFocus, I wondered if there would be enough to talk about to justify a dedicated site. I soon discovered that there is no shortage of topics to cover, especially as I expanded the scope of Learn OmniFocus to cover productivity methodologies and other productivity apps.

I’ll continue to emphasize the importance of developing core productivity skills. It’s these skills that make it possible for us to put all of this outstanding technology to good use. In addition to helping you tap into the impressive functionality that OmniFocus offers, I’ll continue to feature best-of-class apps that, combined with OmniFocus, can help you lead a productive and fulfilling life.

How have you benefited from Learn OmniFocus?

If you’ve benefited from Learn OmniFocus, I’d very much appreciate you sharing a testimonial. Simply point your browser to the Share a Learn OmniFocus Testimonial page and fill out the form. I gratefully accept audio, video, and written testimonials. You can choose how (if at all) you want to be attributed.

Many Thanks

Many thanks to everyone who has joined Learn OmniFocus over the past eight years and to all of you who have offered support and encouragement. 

I’m also deeply grateful to the talented folks at The Omni Group and their commitment to providing top-quality productivity apps. As a former software engineer, I know that developing world-class apps takes time and patience. It’s also a very rewarding experience.

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