Learn OmniFocus Price Increase on June 1, 2024


On June 1, 2024, Learn OmniFocus membership fees will increase for the first time in ten years.

The new rates (in USD) will be $39 for three months ($13 a month), $59 for six months ($9.83 a month) and $99 for a year ($8.25 a month).

Increasing the membership fee will allow us to grow our team and introduce new services and more frequent content. This increase also accounts for inflation over the past ten years and helps ensure Learn OmniFocus remains a viable business for years to come.

Beyond OmniFocus

While OmniFocus will continue to be the focal point, Learn OmniFocus is about much more than OmniFocus. We’ll continue taking deep dives into productivity methodologies and feature apps and services that complement OmniFocus.

For example, upcoming courses will provide in-depth guidelines for using OmniFocus 4 alongside Obsidian, Craft and Notion. We’ll also share innovative ways to use OmniFocus 4 and other productivity apps for email management and strategies for using OmniFocus 4 in a team setting.

Self-Guided Course and Interactive Workshops

After OmniFocus 4 launched, we decided to prerecord all courses; previously, most courses were recorded during LIVE sessions. Prerecording offers several advantages. Most notably, prerecorded courses provide us with more flexibility in terms of the release date and length of the course. It also makes it easier to add multilingual subtitles to courses (recent courses have AI-generated subtitles in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).

We continue to place a strong emphasis on group learning and community connection. Some courses will have companion workshops. You can watch the course at your own pace and participate in a LIVE workshop to engage with the material and put what you’re learning into practice in your life and work.

For example, our next course will be Getting Back on Track with OmniFocus 4. You’ll learn how to revive your OmniFocus setup and workflows if it goes off the rails and how to prevent this from happening down the road. A companion workshop will guide you through the process of getting your OmniFocus setup and workflows back on the rails and give you the opportunity to meet other OmniFocus users in our global community.

All courses and LIVE workshops will be included with your Learn OmniFocus membership for the foreseeable future. We’ll also continue to offer regular Office Hours and Virtual Coworking sessions.

Are you an active member?

If you have an active Learn OmniFocus membership, the new rate will apply when it comes time to renew. For example, if you joined Learn OmniFocus for a year on February 1, 2024, you’ll be charged for another year at the new rate ($99 plus any applicable taxes) on February 1, 2025.

You’ll receive a reminder email one week before your next membership payment. If you pay for your membership using PayPal, you may need to manually process the renewal payment to continue to have full access to Learn OmniFocus. Your membership fee will be updated automatically if you pay by credit card (Stripe).

You can cancel automatic renewals if you don’t want your membership to renew automatically at the new rate. You’ll still have full access to Learn OmniFocus for the remaining membership duration and can join again in the future.

Not an active member?

The new pricing will apply if you join or rejoin Learn OmniFocus on or after June 1, 2024.

If you join or rejoin before June 1, you’ll benefit from paying the current (lower) rates for the first payment. For example, if you join for a year, on May 20, 2024, you’ll be billed $59. You’ll be charged $99 for another year on May 20, 2025, unless you cancel automatic renewals.

Educational and Nonprofit Discounts

We continue offering students, teachers, faculty and administrators at recognized educational institutions a 20% discount on their initial membership payment. Fill out the Educational Discount Application if you’re joining Learn OmniFocus for the first time and qualify for the discount.

I’m pleased to announce that we’re also offering this discount to full-time employees of registered non-profit organizations. Complete the Nonprofit Discount Application if you’re new to Learn OmniFocus and meet the qualifications.

Have Questions?

Please let us know if you have any questions. As always, requests for new and updated content are welcome and appreciated.

Many thanks for your continued support.

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