Mastering the Weekly Review with OmniFocus for Mac

Mastering the Weekly Review with OmniFocus for Mac

Once a week, more or less, it’s recommended that you perform a Weekly Review. This is a key part of keeping your system current and accurate and helps ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Weekly Review Overview

We’ll look at one way to perform a Weekly Review in OmniFocus, with some help from repeating projects and OmniFocus’ own review facility. It’s generally best to perform your weekly review at at time when you’re not likely be disturbed. Some people find it useful to establish a habit of performing this review on a specific day and time each week. If you travel frequently or have an irregular schedule it may be a little less practical to develop this regular habit, but it’s still important to be intentional about setting aside time for your Weekly Review. In this case, consider creating a “Schedule time for Weekly Review” task in your Maintenance single action list that repeats one week after you mark it complete.

It’s generally recommended that you perform an entire weekly review in one sitting, but there may be instances where it becomes necessary to complete the review in two or more segments. For example, if you start the review process when you’re in your office you probably won’t have convenient access to your physical inbox at home, so it might be necessary to complete the review once you get home. It generally works best to go through the review from start to finish in one day, rather than letting it linger on.

Performing a Weekly Review in OmniFocus

To bring some structure to your weekly reviews, create a project in your Maintenance folder called “Perform Weekly Review” and add a task for each item that makes up your Weekly Review. Include one task for each physical and electronic inbox that you’ve identified and make sure you process each of them down to zero. Other tasks include performing a mind dump and reviewing your Waiting list and calendar.



This project also includes a “Perform Review in OmniFocus” that makes use of OmniFocus’ built-in review facility. OmniFocus keeps track of when each project was last reviewed and allows you to specify how often you want to review each project. When you go into Review mode, OmniFocus will show you a list of all projects that haven’t been reviewed within the specific review frequency (one week by default). For example, if I specified project is set to “Review Every 7 days” and the Last Review Date is more than seven days ago, this project will appear on the list of projects to be reviewed. Once you mark it reviewed, OmniFocus will update the Last Review Date to the current date and will remove the project form the list of unreviewed projects.

Next, there are a couple of changes to make to the project settings for the “Perform Weekly Review” project. Check the checkbox beside “Mark complete when completing last item” to have the project automatically complete when you’ve checked off all of the tasks. Projects, like task, can be set to repeat automatically. Set this project to “Start again 1 week after completion”.